Professional Presenters

Linked In Media offer professional and experienced Presenters with hundreds of hours worth of experience.

A professionally presented video engages your viewers and keeps them watching!

53x More Likely to Top Google

When companies are spending thousands of pounds a month on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to improve their search engine results, a video on your website is 53 times more likely than text pages to rise in Google and other search engines.

A Minute of Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words

Online video marketing is by far the most cost effective and impressive form of advertising. The world-renowned analyst and researcher, Dr. James McQuivey, said that a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

Over 90% Use Videos to Research

Over 90% of people use the Internet and Videos to research businesses and/or services before they commit to buy or use.




Our Services

  • Fresh, updated video every 3 months
  • Green screen, broadcast quality technology
  • Highest quality Virtual Sets with HD graphics
  • Optional filming at your premises
  • Easy to customise with your full approval
  • Customised script written by qualified scriptwriters
  • Promoted through YouTube/Vimeo to reach millions
  • Optional interview with you or your spokesperson
  • Your video embedded on your website
  • Option to convert to DVD as promotional material

If you can keep your online presence fresh and updated it will show the internet that you’re alive and buzzing! A static website is perceived as outdated leaving you no chance of climbing the search engine rankings. To keep your website from sinking we offer to update your video every 3 months.

Our journalists will also send you a news story every month to keep the ball rolling with the sense of urgency. You can post this industry-related news story directly on to your website and social media pages with the hope of it reaching viral!

Linked In Media use only High Definition, TV broadcast quality camcorders to record their footage and cameramen with decades of experience in filmmaking as the operatives.

Our video and music team have produced and edited everything from short videos and documentaries to full-length feature films.

Green screen facilities enable us to project anything to the background of your chosen presenter.

Using cutting-edge CGI Virtual Studio sets we can give your business that impressive ‘rich’ feel that you usually only find with BBC, ITV & Sky News.

Using the highest-quality Virtual Sets around creates the perfect setting for our Presenter Panel members to excel.

Each member of our Panel is multitalented with hundreds of hours worth of experience.

Accents, styles, and industry-specific looks and talents cover the entire breadth of the business world from construction workers to legal services.

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Online Video Statistics

See what the experts are saying! videos

The Ultimate Online Video Experience

Guaranteed to attract more attention to your business

Updated Every 3 Months!

Show the world and search engines that you still have a pulse! Fresh video content is the ultimate example that you're alive and buzzing.

Easy to Share

We don't stop after creating your video..... The next step is to spread it across the web!

By uploading your video to YouTube and Vimeo, we can 'share' your video across our and your social media networks, including each other's websites.

Broadcast Quality Technology

State-of-the-art HD camcorders, Green Screen technology and Computer Generated Images (CGI) help us create your superb video.

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